SoundCore By Anker – Motion+ / Wireless HIFI Portable Speaker

Product details

  • Hi-res Audio: motion+ is equipped with stunning Hi-Res Audio which is further enhanced by Qualcomm aptX for lossless music reproduction when streaming via Bluetooth.
  • Huge sound with intense bass: packed with two Ultra high-frequency tweeters, neodymium woofers, and passive radiators to fill every corner of your room with 30W of rich sound. Low frequencies are enhanced in real-time by our exclusive bassuptm technology.
  • Exceptional depth and clarity: motion+’s Ultra-wide frequency range stretches from 50 Hz to 40 kHz and is paired with an advanced DSP to ensure all the details and idiosyncrasies of a song are faithfully reproduced.
  • IPX7 waterproof: fully-waterproof casing provides an impenetrable barrier against liquids.
  • 12-Hour playtime: motion+’s built-in 6, 700 mAh battery lets you effortlessly soundtrack wild weekends, cozy evenings, or long summer days outdoors.
  • Pure Audio power: Motion+ is loaded with two 40kHz ultra-high frequency tweeters, neodymium woofers, and oversized passive radiators to deliver 30W of sound. Qualcomm® aptX™ technology preserves sound quality when streaming via Bluetooth, and Hi-Res Audio certification guarantees every song sounds spectacular
  • Extreme treble and Bass: An ultra-wide frequency range extending from 50Hz to 40kHz ensures you hear all of a song’s details and nuances

Key features

  • Soundcore
  • 30W Room-Filling Sound
  • Fully Waterproof
  • BassUpTM Technology
  • Active Crossover
  • IPX7 Waterproof

What’s in the Box

  • Anker soundcore motion+-Genuine Anker Micro USB cord

About this Item

The Anker Soundcore Motion+ is a solid all-around Bluetooth speaker that delivers a loud sound in an affordable package. Bonus features such as IPX7 water resistance, aptX, Bluetooth multipoint, and stereo pairing help it stand out from the crowd, while a fully custom EQ in the Soundcore app enables easy adjustments of the sound to your exact preferences.

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From the manufacturer

With the Soundcore Motion+, Anker aims to take on the tightly competitive Bluetooth speaker market. While it may not have fancy features such as the ability to charge your phone, or optical input, the Anker Soundcore Motion+ aims to deliver good sound in a waterproof and portable package for everyday use.

The Anker Soundcore Motion+ is one of the best jack-of-all-trades Bluetooth speakers you can buy. It doesn’t have a single standout feature, but it’s good at pretty much everything that matters. Speakers from competitors may be more durable, louder, sound better, or more portable, but none bring together as complete a package as Anker has with the Soundcore Motion+.

Beyond a solid design and good sound, Anker throws in tons of bonus features such as Bluetooth multipoint, aptX, a custom EQ, a microphone with voice assistant support, and stereo pairing. The fact that you can now find the speaker on sale for around $100 USD makes the Anker Soundcore Motion+ a no-brainer.

Weighing in at just over a kilogram, the Anker Soundcore Motion+ is not the most portable Bluetooth speaker. It’s still small enough to fit in a backpack, but I prefer to use it at home. The wired and Bluetooth connectivity options provide easy mobility between a variety of rooms and devices, and the size of the speaker means it easily gets loud enough for small gatherings and parties.

With an IPX7 rating, the Anker Soundcore Motion+ also makes for a great pool party companion. However, without any dust resistance, you’ll want to be careful bringing this speaker to a beach.

The rubberized silicone backing of the speaker provides a grip for easy carrying in one hand or stable resting on any flat surface. Meanwhile, the metal grille encasing the speaker components provides a durable and premium feel beyond that of the fabric enclosures that encompass many similar waterproof speakers.

Unlike speakers with a 360-degree sound like the Bose SoundLink Revolve+ II, the Anker Soundcore Motion+ only aims for audio in a single direction. This means you need to be a little nitpicky about speaker placement. However, you can connect two Motion+ speakers together via wireless stereo pairing, which provides a much louder and more immersive sound.

You can choose from black, blue, and red for this Anker Bluetooth speaker.

How do you control the Anker Soundcore Motion+?
You control this speaker from the Soundcore app or directly with the buttons on the top of it. While not backlit, the buttons protrude from the speaker as clearly identifiable shapes, which makes it easy to operate without looking down. We’ve outlined all the different combinations of button taps below.

Power button Bluetooth button Multifunction logo button Bass button
Single press
Power on
Connect to device
Play/pause, or answer/end call
Activate/deactivate increased Bass EQ
Double press
Next song
Triple press
Previous song
Press and hold
Power off
Enter stereo pairing mode
Switch audio source between phone and speaker, or end calls
Activate voice assistant

What Bluetooth codecs does the Anker Soundcore Motion+ support?
The Anker Soundcore Motion+ uses Bluetooth 5.0 with SBC and aptX support. In theory, Bluetooth 5.0 supports a connection range up to 243m, but you’re unlikely to ever hit this metric. Still, you don’t have to worry about connection dropouts with the Anker Soundcore Motion+, especially within a standard 10m range even with physical barriers. The aptX Bluetooth codec offers superior transfer rates compared to SBC, though Apple devices can’t use it.

To enable Bluetooth multipoint, follow these steps:

  1. Connect the speaker to your first device by clicking the Bluetooth button on the speaker and “pairing” in your phone’s Bluetooth settings.
  2. Then, press the Bluetooth button on the speaker again to pair it to your second device.
  3. Once connected to your second device, the speaker will disconnect from the first device.
  4. When you go back into the Bluetooth settings on your first device and click on the speaker, it will re-pair to your first device.
  5. The speaker is now paired to both of your devices via Bluetooth multipoint.

How long does the battery last on the Anker Soundcore Motion+?
Anker promises 12 hours of battery life with the Soundcore Motion+, which is slightly less than the top competition at this price point. However, in our battery test of constant music playback peaking at 75dB(SPL), the speaker lasted 16 hours and 13 minutes. Seems Anker has taken an under-promise and over-deliver approach, which means you don’t have to worry about running out of charge during a day trip with this speaker.

It takes approximately four hours to charge the speaker using the included USB-C cable. There is no fast charging with the Soundcore Motion Plus.

Technical specification

Sales Package
  • 1 Speaker, Charging Cable, Aux Cable, User Manual
Model Number
  • A3116H11
Model Name
  • Motion Plus
  • Home Theatre
  • Yes
  • Stereo
Power Source
  • Battery, AC Adapter, USB Chargeable
Power Output (RMS)
  • 30 W
Frequency Response
  • 50 – 40000 Hz
  • Black
  • Wireless
Outdoor Usage
  • Yes
Product Details
  • Stereo Channel
Driver Type
  • 2 x 1-inch Ultra High-frequency Tweeters, 2 x 2-inch Neodymium Woofers, 2 Passive Radiators
Connector Type
  • 3.5 mm Audio Cable
Charging Time
  • 4 hrs
  • Li-ion Battery, Use Time 12 hrs
Battery Capacity
  • 6700 mAh
  • 5
Bluetooth Range
  • 30 m


Other Details
  • Power, Bluetooth Pairing, Volume Up/Down, Play/Pause
Power Input
  • 5
Other Features
  • IPX7 Waterproof, Hi-Resolution Audio, Rich Sound, Customizable Equalizer, Bass Up Technology, Huge Sound with Deep Bass


Anker Soundcore Motion+
It’s loud, sounds good, and packed full of features.