• CredPal’s Buy Now Pay Later allows you access to CredPal’s verified merchants to pay for purchases with your credit card or shopping limit.
  • You can access Credpal’s Buy Now Pay Later with our merchant partners online and offline.
  • You can use Credpal BuyNow Pay Later in 3 ways;
  • Visit ‘Shop’ on your mobile app
  • Use Credpal at checkout on the merchant’s website.
  •  Scan our QR code in the merchant’s store. 

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About Credpal

Business owners and salary earners.

Offline Merchants – First, place your order with the merchant using their available contact information; IG, website, phone number. After confirming the purchase amount and delivery costs if applicable, return to the app to complete payment with your credit card or shopping limit.

Online Merchants – Visit merchant’s website in app and checkout with CredPal.

There are two payment options available; one-time payment and spread payment. With one-time payment, you pay the merchant directly from your credit card balance. This must be paid back at the end of each statement period.

Using the spread payment option allows you access to credit above your credit card limit, which you can pay back over 2 – 6 months. This payment method is useful for large purchases. For order approval, you’re required to make a 30% down payment.

A transaction receipt is generated for both types of payments, which you can share with the merchant for order fulfilment.

Associated costs include payment for your preferred card plan, interest on the amount used and standard transaction charges.

  • You can split payment for purchases up to 6 months 
  • You get rewards each time you use your credit card for payments with our merchant partners.
  • As your credit card performance improves, your credit limit may be reviewed for an increase.

We understand that by using CredPal’s Buy Now Pay Later, you place your trust in us to handle your transactional data and personal information with the utmost discretion. We comply with standard practices in protecting your data and encrypting the details you supply.

CredPal offers full protection from unauthorized transactions. You can trust that your finances are secure. Our support team is available for assistance on all related matters.

If you notice a suspicious transaction, you can prevent additional fraudulent behavior by freezing your card(s). Contact us at to freeze your cards.

CredPal offers hassle-free repayment. You may pay through a card added to your account that is automatically charged, or via bank transfer.

No. On the contrary, we advise you to pay up your loan early, as this allows you to access unique incentives based on our discretion.

CredPal offers exciting rewards and loyalty points. Loyalty points are earned on credit card payments. From time to time, cash backs are also available when you patronise CredPal’s merchant partners. To partner with CredPal as a merchant, please reach out to us at

Your rewards can be redeemed to pay off your credit balance.

We use your BVN to verify your identity in order to protect your CredPal account against fraud and impersonation. Your BVN is safe as your BVN does not provide us access to your bank account.


About Payfi
Payfi is a reliable payment service provider in Nigeria that allows you to purchase products and services from your favorite merchants and pay for them by installments at your convenience.

Yes, Payfi is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission and we are also licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

At Payfi, the interest rate is between 1% to 5% depending on your credit rating.

Payfi allows you to spread your payment over 6 months.

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Welcome to Klump, Your Guide
to the Easy Life.

Klump exists to ease up the entire online buying experience for both consumers and merchants.
We offer flexible payment plans that give users the opportunity to purchase a desired product or service and make payments over an agreed period of time.

Why pay with Klump?

You deserve to buy what ever you want without breaking the bank or dealing with inflated interest fees. With Klump, Now You Can!

How It Works

Go shopping at your preferred online store or business and pay in 4 instalments using Klump. The Klump Checkout option is now available at several online stores.

Klump offers a monthly payment plan that accords you more time to pay for the things you desire. These terms have been crafted to help you enjoy a stress-free buying experience.

  • Really low interest (2 – 4%)
  • No hidden fees

Using our proprietary credit eligibility and fraud detection engine, we are equipped to make credit granting decisions on all our customers within 3 minutes.

  • ID Verification
  • Income classification
  • BVN Verification

Use Klump to spread all online payments for all your purchases. Make an initial 25% deposit and split the balance into convenient monthly instalments that suit your financial plan.

While Klump’s Pay in 4 option is largely dependent on your financial circumstance, we are very deliberate about using our eligibility and fraud detection engine to make informed credit decisions in the shortest possible time.

To enjoy making purchases using Klump, you’ll need a working phone number, email address, your billing address, payment card, BVN, and bank account. It is critical that you give us the correct details as your credit approval is largely dependent on these.

Klump charges a really low interest rate of 3% on your entire purchase.

No, Klump encourages you to be responsible with your lending and will only allow you one loan at a time.

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What is Lipa Later?

Lipa Later is a payment option that allows you unlimited access to products and services as you pay for them over time in affordable monthly installments.

It also allows retailers to sell their goods and services in affordable monthly installments to their customers by increasing their purchasing power through Lipa Later.

How does Lipa Later work?

  1. Sign up -Sign up online & get an instant credit decision.
  2. Shop and select your items- make an upfront payment of 20% of the value of the item and accept the T’s and C’s via USSD.
  3. Make monthly payments– Upon receiving your item, payment can be made using bank transfers, or via card monthly, and spread out over 12 months.

What is my maximum and minimum credit limit?


With Lipa Later, you can shop for items worth NGN 20,000 up to NGN 20 million

Where is Lipa Later available?

We are currently available across Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, and Rwanda.


  1. Sign up online & get instant approval. 
  2. Shop & select your item. Make an upfront payment of 20% of the value of the item and accept the T’s and C’s via USSD.
  1. Through our website
  2. At any of our retail partner stores

Sign up online and connect your account to Lipa Later securely

You get your approval instantly upon signing up

Your credit limit is the maximum amount you qualify for that you can use to shop from our retail partners. 

You can now visit our retail partners and shop within your limit. Just provide the retailer with your Identification Card/ Passport for processing of the item(s). Once your item(s) are processed, you will receive the T’s and C’s via SMS with the details of the items and the terms. Once you accept, you are free to leave with your item.  

Repayment period is 12 months

You start paying for the item 30 days after you receive it. We will send you an SMS notification on when the payments are to be made and the amount due.

Login into your Account section on the top right corner of your screen

  1. Sign in to your Lipa Later account.
  2. Click on Wallet to see your balance, what you have paid and your due date.
  3. Select ‘Make Payment’ to pay your monthly instalment. 

You can pay using a bank transfer or via card monthly, and spread out over 12 months.

Yes, we will charge you only for the duration you have stayed with your item(s)

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