Baseus First Class Car Headrest


1. Breathable fiber, PU leather, comfortable and wearable.
2. EVA memory cotton + double compression damping spring to filter the vehicle bumps.
3. Push-on mounting for 99% models.
4. Easy to clean, wipe with a rag, no need to disassemble and clean.
5. Material: PU + aluminum alloy

NGN10,500.00 NGN20,000.00

Comfortable headrest


The high quality Baseus headrest will allow you to drive comfortably or relax as a passenger on a train or car.





Feel like you’re in first class


Experience first-class quality with a Baseus headrest. It provides a comfortable head rest and a feeling of relaxation. It is very nice to the touch and made of ecological and breathable leather. Additionally, it dampens vibrations, allowing you to relax or sleep comfortably.





Perfectly fitting


The headrest fully adapts to the shape of the neck, allowing you to achieve a correct head position and feel comfortable





Comfortable sleep


The headrest supports your head evenly on the left as well as on the right and additionally dampens vibrations, allowing you to sleep comfortably and peacefully.





Easy installation


The headrest is mounted easily and quickly. It is universal because it fits 99% of car seats.





High quality workmanship


The material of the headrest is a high quality sponge with shape memory.  The breathable organic leather padding provides an even greater sense of comfort.





Easy to keep clean


The headrest is also very easy to keep clean, just wipe it with a damp towel.


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