Google Nest Hub Max

About this item

  • STURDY STAND – Safely holds your Nest Hub Max in place while propping it up. The stand protects the cloth-covered base of the Google Home Hub Max from getting wet or dirty.
  • THOUGHTFUL DESIGN – Easily adjust to your desired viewing angle with the stand’s 360-degree rotation and 25-degree tilt capabilities. The open design surrounding the speaker ensures no interference in sound quality.
  • CONVENIENT LOCATIONS – With the stand’s compact, mobile design, easily carry and place your Hub Max in various locations around your home, e.g. shelves, study desks, kitchen cupboards, etc., for your viewing convenience. The anti-slip bottom keeps it in place on any surface.
  • CABLE FREE – Reduce clutter and hide unruly cords. The stand has a built-in storage space specially designed for cables, freeing up desk/counter space and providing a cleaner look.
  • MADE FOR GOOGLE – Designed and manufactured by Google’s leading product partners. Passed the rigorous Made for Google certification process to ensure 100% compatibility with Google Nest Devices.
Brand Google
Color Chalk
Compatible Devices Google Nest Hub Max
Special Feature Rotatable, Adjustable
Item Dimensions LxWxH 8 x 5 x 2 inches

NGN200,000.00 NGN205,000.00

From Google

Adjustable Stand Compatible with Google Nest Hub Max

Versatile Angle Stand Compatible with Google Nest Home Hub Max

Our Made for Google-certified angle stand allows you to position your Google Nest Home Hub Max to your desired viewing angle. Its exclusive design will make your device both elegant and functional.

✔ Made for Google-certified

✔ 360-degree rotation and 25-degree tilt capabilities

✔ Does not interfere with speakers

✔ Hassle-free installation in minutes

✔ Cable-free



How It Works:


  1. Place the Google Nest Hub Max onto the stand with the screen facing outward.
  2. Run the cable underneath the stand for cable management.
  3. Connect the power cable to your device.
  4. Adjust to your desired angle.